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How The Wealth Index Can Help You Live A Richer, Fuller Lifestyle

Enjoying a successful retirement requires proper planning.  It doesn't just happen, it takes effort just like anything else worth having.  Fortunately, the Retirement Solutions Group has all of the professionals needed to help you acheive your goals and dreams.  We believe that Goal Based Planning is the best way to help you achieve the things you desire.

Why?  Because retirement should be more than measuring your portfolio against a stock market index.  Retirement is a lifestyle that should be free of worry and complications.  A time to simplify and enjoy.  Retirement should be full and rich.  Richness and wealth can and should be measured in many ways.  This is how we measure them:

 Family & Friends

 Meaning & Purpose

 Health & Well Being

 Money & Finances

Money and finances are important, but they are important because they support the other things that make life worth living.  When it comes down to it, most people don't want to be rich, they want to live rich, regardless of net worth.  This is the real American dream.

Start by taking the Wealth Index.  This will be 15 minutes well spent and it will provide you with invaluable information about yourself.

Next, meet with a professional from the Retirement Solutions Group.  We will review your Wealth Index and compare your current situation with where you want to be based upon your goals.

Then, we will show you how to achieve your goals and dreams with a unique concept called Goal Based PlanningGoal Based Planning measures the financial performance of your investments, savings, and IRAs against the your own personal benchmark.  Not the benchmark of the stock market, but the benchmark that gets you where you want to be in life.

To see how this process could change your life for the better and help you enjoy a richer, fuller lifestyle; contact us directly or start by taking the Wealth Index.

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